Important Updates:

  • Enjoy our free Shoppers' Special shuttle service between Del Amo Mall and South Bay Galleria on weekends until Christmas eve.
    Check the service dates and schedule here.
  • Spread the joy this holiday season. Give donations at Stuff-A-Bus event on December 21st from 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Rider's Guide and Tips

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Below we have some Rider’s Guide tips and policies for Torrance Transit. These are meant to help inform our customers on how to ride safely by following the policies set forth by Torrance Transit management. Please see the below sections for this information:

Bus Rider’s Code of Conduct

  1. Always respect your bus operator, fellow passengers, and Torrance Transit property. Please
    refrain from causing any safety problems.
  2. Please offer seats near the front of the bus to senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  3. All pets, except guide or service animals must be in a pet carrier.
  4. Cell phone usage is allowed on board, but please be mindful of fellow riders by watching the volume and content of your conversation.
  5. Playing amplified music is not permitted on board, but you are welcome to use headphones to listen to your music privately.
  6. Drinking and/or eating on board is not permitted. You may carry drinks on board the bus if it’s in a sealed container only, Drinks in paper or plastic cups with a lid are not permitted on board, unless in a closed paper bag.
  7. Smoking on board is prohibited at all times.
  8. Items you bring on board must remain clear of the aisle at all times.
  9. Please refrain from using profanity while on board.
  10. Take all belongings with you when you exit the bus. This includes trash and newspapers.

Tips for Safe Riding

  1. Keep the aisle clear of personal articles.
  2. If you have a question that you forgot to ask when entering the bus, please do not distract the driver while they are driving. Please wait until the bus comes to a complete curbside stop to
    speak with them.
  3. Please do not put your feet on the seats.
  4. Watch your step and hold onto the handrail when boarding, exiting and while on the bus.
  5. Please wait for the bus next to a Torrance Transit bus stop sign. Remember to flag down the operator as the bus approaches the stop.
  6. Never run after or next to the bus.
  7. Please sit if there is an available seat, if not please hold onto a handrail or safety strap while you’re on the bus.
  8. Please exit the bus through the rear door so that others may board safely through the front door.
  9. Signal the operator one block prior to your stop by activating the stop request signal.
  10. Inform your bus operator if you have a bike on the bus bike rack so they know to wait while you take it off.

Transporting Articles on the Bus

The following articles are allowed on the bus:

  1. Baggage, luggage and packages.
  2. Grocery carts used to transport groceries & personal items.
  3. Folded baby strollers and carriages.
  4. Folded beach chairs.
  5. Folding bicycles.
  6. Fishing poles (no longer than 4 feet and without hooks) and fish buckets (must be covered).
  7. Skateboards and boogie boards (under four feet long).
  8. Medically prescribed oxygen for personal use.
  9. Service animals.
  10. Dogs, cats, or other animals in a travel carrier.

The following articles are not allowed on the bus:

  1. Any object that may cause discomfort or be dangerous or offensive to other customers.
  2. Explosives of any type, including fireworks.
  3. Gun, knives, mace, or other weapons.
  4. Large trash bags with cans and/or bottles.
  5. Roller skates or roller blades, if the customer is wearing them.