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Due to COVID-19 outbreak, Torrance Transit is running on Saturday schedule Monday thru Friday, with peak hours service on Lines 4X and Line 6. Please click here for more modified schedule.

For the safety of our passengers and the bus operators, we are providing FREE bus services to all passengers. All passengers must board from the rear door only. Only passengers with wheelchairs and other medical equipment needs can board from the front door.

Trip Planning

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Planning a trip can be challenging. Here at Torrance Transit we want to make your trip planning experience as simple as possible. We offer multiple tools that you can use to plan your trip around South Bay and greater Los Angeles area.


Transit App

Plan your trip in real time. Download Transit App TransitApp iconon your smart devices.

The Transit app can find your current location or you can type in an address, and the app will provide you arrival times for all routes served by the nearby bus stops. You can also enter a starting address and a destination address to plan a trip; the app will suggest you best route options.

The app can send notifications to your phone when your ride is approaching.

To download app on iOS devices, go to Apple Store.

To download app on Andorid devices, go to Google Play store.


Transit Trip Planner

Plan a trip using Trip Planner on our homepage

You just need to enter the starting location and the destination location to plan for a trip that takes place now. To plan for a future trip, enter the desired date and time as well. Our Trip Planner tool is built on top of Google Triple Planner tool, so you can take advantage of all features that Google Maps offer.


Google Trip Planner

Google Transit is a terrific tool that can be utilized much like driving directions for your car. Google Transit allows you to input starting and ending locations of your trip and offers the top three alternatives, which you can ultimately select. Once the trip is selected Google Transit will give step by step directions powered through Google Maps. In addition to step-by-step trip planning you can also add additional parameters such as: less walking, less transfers, manually selected trip dates, and much more! Please see some of the below listed customer benefits.

Customer Benefits with Google Transit

  • Customize your route: You won't have to sort through timetables -- you can simply enter the date and time that you hope to arrive at your destination (or depart for the trip) and the trip planner will provide 3 options, showing the amount of time and number of transfers for each option, letting you easily select the most convenient trip.

  • Information accessible by mobile device: Transit information is now available at your fingertips no matter where you are. Transit trip planning is can be accessed on your mobile devices, which can help you plan a trip if you are unsure of which lines or routes services in a particular area; and allow you to view timetables and estimated bus arrival times.

  • Using business names or place names instead of addresses: You don't need to know which pizzeria you are going to or its address in order to get directions; Google Transit integrates with all the features of Google Maps, including their local search. This means that you don't need to know exactly where you're going -- in the "to" and "from" fields, you can enter a business name ("Tom's Pizza") or category ("pizza") instead of a specific street address.

  • Street View imagery of locations: Google Maps offers Street View ground-level images in
    hundreds of cities and towns across the country; this allows riders to preview a transit station or bus stop. Riders can view things like whether a transit station is above ground or underground, whether there is a covered shelter or bench, where exactly the stop/station is located, how far it is from a business, or other practical uses.

  • Fare calculation estimates: If you provide Google Transit with the necessary data, it will indicate the price of the transit trip, and compare the cost of transit to the cost of driving (which typically shows public transit as the more wallet-friendly option!).

  • Support for 12 languages: Google Transit supports multiple languages in Google Maps, so it is very convenient for foreign language riders. Whether you are a resident or international tourist- finding directions and information in your native language is simple.

  • Accessible for visually impaired users: Google Maps can generate an output that is compatible with screen readers for visually impaired users.


Educational Videos

We also have two educational videos for your convenience that will help visualize the benefits and provide you with an educational overview of how to find your information and plan a transit trip with Google Maps. The first video is a one minute video with audio, and the second video is two and a half minutes with subtitles and no audio. These tutorials should be quite helpful and once you have a good grasp please see our Google Transit trip planning widget on our homepage to give it a try!



Other Trip Planning Options

Additionally there are also other trip planning options. Some of these options include the following:


  • 511: You can call 5-1-1 from any cell phone and plan a regional trip with regional providers 24 hours a day.
  • (323) 466-3876: You can call (323) 466-3876 to plan a regional trip in either English or Spanish. This service operates 6:30 a.m. to 7:00p.m. on weekdays and 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends.

Torrance Transit Bus Schedule Book

Bus Schedule Book: You can plan your trip on Torrance Transit by using one of our Bus Schedule Book. Torrance Transit’s routes are listed numerically in this guide, including a map and timetable for each line. Schedules indicate when a bus will arrive at major stops throughout the route. Please follow the basic steps below to help with reading our schedules:

  1. Select the appropriate route number.
  2. Choose the correct day. (Monday-Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).
  3. Use the line map and timetable as a reference for choosing your direction of travel. (i.e.
    westbound / eastbound).
  4. Find the time points nearest your boarding location and destination by referring to the line map.
  5. On the timetable find the nearest time point to your boarding location and read down the column to determine departure time.
  6. Read across to the nearest time point to your destination so that you may determine your arrival time.

Please note: All schedule times are approximate and may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.