COVID-19 UPDATES  (click here for details)

  • All passengers MUST have face covering when boarding the bus.
  • All passengers MUST board from the rear door only. Only passengers with wheelchairs and other medical equipment needs can board from the front door.
  • All buses are running Saturday schedule Monday thru Friday, with peak hours service on Lines 4X and Line 6. Please click here for more modified schedule.
  • For the safety of our passengers and the bus operators, we are providing FREE bus services to all passengers.
  • Transit's West Annex store is closed for public. For Senior / Dial-A-Ride program or to purchase rides, please call (310) 618 - 2536.
  • To recharge TAP card, go to website.
  • For other city's COVID-19 updates visit TorranceCA.Gov/COVID19.

Post Pandemic Survey
Torrance Transit is in the process of seeking input from our passengers and the public regarding how the pandemic has disrupted your commute using transit and what you would like to see in order to return to taking our buses. Please take our brief survey and let us know. 

TAP Wearables

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New TAP wrist band

L.A. Metro is launching a new line of TAP products called TAP Wearables, which includes the TAP Flex wrist bands, and the TAP Mini key chain fob. TAP Wearables will work the same way as the regular TAP card. You can load Stored Value and passes onto it, and tap it on the buses as you go. The cost to purchase a TAP Flex is $10. You can register your wearable 

As of August 5th, 2019, TAP Flex wrist band will be available at all Metro Customer Centers. All local transit agencies in the Los Angeles area are now accepting TAP Flex.

Quantities are limited but additional wearables will be released later in August.

 For more updated information, please check Metro's website.